COK Remittance Services

COK Remittance logo COK has been in the remittance business for more than 15 years and operates a fully owned subsidiary – COK Remittance Services Limited (COKRS), since January 2009. This was a direct response to the needs of our members in Jamaica, the USA, Canada, UK, Cayman Islands and other parts of the Caribbean. Through our network, money is transferred speedily and can be received anywhere on the island. Our low fees put smiles on the faces of senders and our favourable conversion rates are pleasing to recipients. Remittance partners include: Unitransfer, Caribbean Airmail, Transfast, Money Exchange, JN Money Services, Tropical Money Systems (Swift Cash and Transfast), Lasco Moneygram and Capital & Credit, (People2People- within Jamaica/Intra Island).

COK Remittance Pickup locations across Jamaica.


COK Remittance Services Limited promises:

  • Short turn-around time: 5 –10 minutes
  • Quick notification: We contact recipients via telephone within 10 minutes of receiving transfers.
  • Direct payment: Jamaicans overseas can send funds to COK to pay bills and mortgages at other organizations such as financial institutions or utility companies.
COK Remittance Partner with Ria Financial Services COK Remittance Services Ltd has entered into partnership with Ria Financial Services out of the United States of America (6565 Knott Avenue, Buena Park, California 90620, USA). This means that effective AUGUST 7, 2014,  COK’s members and remittance customers, along with family and friends, have more options to send monies from almost anywhere in the world directly to their COK accounts, any other financial institution, Utility Companies in Jamaica or over the counter pick up in Kingston, St. Catherine, Manchester, St. James, St. Thomas, St. Mary, Westmoreland, Trelawny and Clarendon. To facilitate the aforementioned the member/customer must state their account # when completing the transaction. There are some important points to be noted as follows:

  1. If the member is sending to his/her account at COK, he/she does not need to complete an authorization form.
  2. If the member/customer is sending to someone else’s account, the receiver needs to complete an authorization form.
  3. Once the member/customer is sending money external (that is, to another financial institution) then the receiver needs to complete an authorization form.
  4. If its bill payment, the sender will also need to complete an authorization form.

Customers may contact Ria Financial Services or the Remittance Team or visit their website at http:/// for locations.