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St. Catherine
 $8,800,000.00 Lot #131, 11 North East 5th Way, Christian Gardens, Gregory Park, Saint Catherine. Registered at Volume 1334 / 949. Lot size 111.62 m sq or (1,201.477 ft sq). Building size 96.2 m sq or (1,035 sq ft). The property is a single-storey building appears to consist of Two (2) bedrooms, Two (2) bathrooms, One (1) living/dining room area, kitchen, veranda and carport.

Directions: Property can be reached by making the first right off Dyke Road after the round-about, the first right onto Christian Road, make a left at the “T” junction onto NW 3rd Place, then first left onto NE 5th Place and the subject is the seventh house on the right.


Under Offer

Lot #683 Fairfield Boulevard, Fairview Park, St. Catherine. Registered at Volume 1333 Folio 249. Land size 338.45sq meters (3,643.0 sq. ft). Building Size 57.33 sq. meters (617.1 sq ft.). The subject property is consisted of, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living / dining area, kitchen and laundry. lisa-campbell
$14,000,000.00 Lot #182, Cedar Avenue, Edge Hill, Portmore Saint Catherine. Registered at Volume 1150 Folio 635. Lot size 379.393 meter square or (4,019.2 feet square). The subject property consists Ground Floor; two (2) bedrooms, One (1) bathroom, One (1) other room used as bedroom, one (1) kitchen, One (1) dining area, one (1) living room, one (1) Laundry, enclosed veranda and carport. Upper Floor-Incomplete; The subject property consists of a Master Bedroom en-suite with walk-in-closet and bathroom, two (2) other bedrooms, one (1) other bathroom, a living/dining area, a kitchen and two (2) balconies. lisa-campbell
$6,700,000.00 Lot 1,539 80 Daffodil Avenue, Eltham Meadows, Spanish Town, Saint Catherine. Registered at Volume 1229 Folio 410. Lot size 144.37 m sq or (1,553.85 ft sq). Building Size 122.71 m square or (1,320.78 ft square). The property consist of a three (3) bedrooms. One (1) bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and a wash area. Directions: Travel along Gordon Boulevard towards Eltham, take the final left turn onto Orchid Boulevard then the second right turn onto Candlebrush Avenue, Daffodil Avenue runs perpendicular at the final intersection. Turn right onto Daffodil, the subject is located on the right. lisa-campbell

Under Offer

Lot #10, Lanark Avenue Bridgeport, St. Catherine. Registered at Volume 1108 / 772. Land Size 240.71sq.meters (2,591.0sq ft). Building size 99.62 sq.meters (1,072.34 sq.ft). The property is a single storey detached house, modernized and expanded over the years. Two (2) bedrooms, One (1) bathroom, living/dining room, kitchen, verandah, laundry and carport (enclosed). Direction: Travelling from Kingston on the toll road, proceed on passing the toll to the town center. After which turn left on to Portmore park way which leads to the round a bout. Take a right at the round a bout unto Bridgeport road, take the second left unto Eberle Drive (opposite Westport Boulevard). Then first right onto Excelsior Avenue and First right onto Lanark Avenue. The property is the property on right after the bend. lisa-campbell

Under Offer

Property Listed with Remax MLS

Shop #9D Portmore Mall, Portmore St. Catherine. Registered at Volume 1256 Folio 503. Lot size contain an area of 69.94 square meters and (752.80 square ft).This property is utilized as a boutique with space partitioning to facilitate a display area, changing area, storage and sanitary facility.Directions: The subjected property is located on the eastern side of a walk way (29U) in the Portmore Mall Sopping Center. lisa-campbell
Kingston & St. Andrew
 $30,000,000.00 Lot No.6 Ava Close, off Alpine Road, off Mt. Salus Road, Part of Marverley Mountain Red Hills in the parish of St. Andrew. Registered at Volume 1347 Folio 310. Area of Land 1,200.033 square metres (12,903.58 sq. ft. / 0.29 acre). Area of Building 278.442 sq metres (2,994.00 sq. ft. approx.). This site presently accommodates a detached three storey slip level residence with facilities as follows:- Entry Level, this level is reported to consists of the laundry/wash room and staircase to upper level. First Floor, This level is reported to comprise an entrance foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, one bathroom and a balcony. Top Floor, This level is reported to accommodate four bedrooms four bathrooms, a den/T.V. room and a balcony.

Directions: The property is accessed by the travelling north on Red Hills Road, pass Leas Flat and Kirkland Heights, turn right onto Swain Spring Road (at “bus stop”) continue on road to “Swain Spring Square”, continue onto Mt. Salus Road (immediate north), travelling on Mt. Salus Road turn left on Alpine Road, continue along Alpine Road to “T” junction then turn onto Ava Close. The subject property is the “last” residence at the north-western end of the Ava Close cul-de-sac.


Under Offer

Property Listed with VMPS

MLS #29102

Apartment 16 Victoria Palace (Strata Lot 16) #14-16 Victoria Avenue Kingston. Registered at Volume 1430 Folio 92. Lot size 2,505.741 square meter (26,971.58 square feet). The subject property is consist of Bed/Sitting area, bathroom and kitchen on the ground floor in the west section of the building. lisa-campbell
 $11,500,000.00 #5 Glenmore Road, Kingston. Registered at Volume 1406 Folio 5. Land Size 895.82 sq meters (9,642.50 sq. ft). Building Size#1 (Multi-Purpose building) 110.93 sq. meters (1,194.12 sq ft). Ancillary building (store room) 43.70 sq meters (470.4 sq.ft). The #1 (Multi-Purpose building) property is consisted of three (3) bedrooms, one (1) bathroom and two (2) kitchens. #2 Ancillary building with conjoined service shed.

Directions: Travelling north of South Camp Road, make 1st right after passing the Kingston College Chapel onto Glenmore and the subject unit is the 8th lot on the north (left) side of Glenmore and is identified by street numbering system. .


Property Listed with VMPS

Lot 210 Part of Denbigh, Clarendon. Registered at Volume 1256 Folio 732. Land size 1,166.83 square meters (12,559.80 square feet). Building size 217.11 square meters (2,337 square feet)

Large side of the House: Three (3) bedrooms with built in clothes closets, bathroom, living, dining, kitchen, carport, front verandah and helper’s room with bath and toilet. The small side of the house: Two (2) bedrooms with built in clothes closet, bathroom and kitchen.

Directions: The subject property can be can be reached by exiting opposite the May Pen Hospital, then first right onto Race Track Road. The subject property is situated on the second right.

$2,100,000.00 Vacant Lot # 293, Mahogany Glades, Bushy Park, Clarendon. Registered at Volume #1349 Folio #786. Lot size 543.31 m sq or (5,847.65 sq ft).

Directions:Travel along the May Pen leg of Highway 2000, at the roundabout keep left onto May Pen bypass and then keep right onto Glenmuir Road, then continue onto Howard Avenue, go by Jamaica Bags on the left then turn left onto Pineapple Court; at the termination of Pineapple Court turn right onto Mahogany Glades.  Subject property is directly across from Blue Mahoe Boulevard on the left.


Property Listed with Remax


Under Offer

Lot #257, Acorn Drive, Bushy Park, Clarendon. Registered at Volume 1349 Folio 751. Lot size 555.51square meters (5,977.28 square feet). Building size 48.75 square meters (524.59 square feet). This level is consist of (1) bedroom (1) bathroom, a living/dining room area and a kitchen. Residential/ Incomplete.Directions: The property can be reach by travelling from May Pen along Howard Avenue, make a left turn onto Pineapple Court then turn right, turn at the Busy Park Housing Scheme sign into Acorn Drive. Continue along the road and the subjected property is located on the right hand side of roadway. lisa-campbell
$15,000,000.00 Vacant land and six (6) dwellings at Baptist Street, Corn Piece, Hayes District, and Clarendon registered at Volume 1306 Folio 182 Approx. area of land 114,827.66 sq. ft.Directions: Can be accessed by Proceeding to May Pen on the bypass. Turn left at the roundabout on the road to Hayes and Lionel Town. Pass the Mineral Heights Housing Scheme. Pass the JAMALCO Alumina Plant to Hayes. Pass School Lane and the Hayes Baptist Church. Turn left on Baptist Street. The land is on the left side of the road, approximately 100 yards from the main road. lisa-campbell

Property Listed with VMPS

Under Offer

Lot #34 Independence Circle part of Retirement Duncans, Duncans P.O, Trelawny. Registered at Volume 1330 Folio 202. Lot size 355.453 Square Meters (3,826.096 Sq. Feet). The raised bungalow type of dwelling house is consisted of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen and a rear patio.Directions: Turn at the first right, off the main road for approximately 300 meters to the junction with independence circle. Turn right onto Independence circle the subject sits on the fourth lot on the right beside on unfinished dwelling house. lisa-campbell
St. James

Under Offer

Lot 18 Rosemount Gardens (Block 8) Montego Bay St. James. Registered at Volume 1415 Folio 296. Lot size 93.04 square meter (1001.47 square feet). The subject property is consist of two bedrooms one  bathroom living/dining area and kitchen. lisa-campbell

Property Listed with Remax MLS

Under Offer

Lot 126 Brian Close, Enfield Meadows, land part of Enfield, Newport Manchester. Registration at Volume 1417 Folio 439. Lot size 1374.96 square meter and 14,800.07 square ft. This property is located in the district of Enfield and can be access by turning left at Newport travelling towards Lanchester. The subjected subdivision is easily identified being located approximately 25 mins drive south west from the Mandeville Town center.Directions: The subjected property can be found by turning into the subdivision at the embarked entrance then turn onto the first left being Trudy avenue, then next right onto Brian Close; the subject is the eight lot on the right. lisa-campbell

Property Listed with VMPS

Lot No 10, part of Waltham in the parish of Manchester. Registered at Volume 1405 Folio: 377.  Lot size: 1,874.44 meters square (20,176.50 square feet).

Directions:  Waltham is located just outside the town of Mandeville, off Manchester Road in the parish of Manchester. Lots 10 is accessed from Waltham to Cedar Grove Parochial Road.

St. Mary

St. Ann

Property Listed with VMPS

MLS #22732

Part of Aboukir in the parish of St. Ann. Registered at Volume 1028 Folio 554. Lot size 3.184 hectares (7.8678acres).

Directions: The subject is located at part of Aboukir Square from Alexandria, take left unto the Aboukir Main Road; at the first residential dwelling on the right take the dirt track between the houses and walk approximately ¼ mile leading to Ecclestone All Age School. The track leads to the subject property which is located on the left of the roadway.

$3,500,000.00 Lot #3 Musgrave Street, called Agin Court, situated in Browns Town, in the Parish of St. Ann. Registered at Volume 1413 Folio 960. Land size 1,321.33 square metres (14,207.90sq.ft./0.326 acre). Direction: Upon reaching Brown’s Town, St. Ann head south-west on Main Street in the direction of Standfast Road (this leads to Stewart Town), after approximately 0.4 kilometres turn left onto Musgrave street, the subject property is on the right/western side of the road way, pass the Hill Street junction the left and immediately south of the North Avenue road junction the left. The subject property is easily identified by the concrete remnants, inclusive of stairway, on the site which is below road level. lisa-campbell
$6,500,000.00. Land Part of Coultart Grove, Near Claremont, In the Parish of St. Ann. Volume 976 Folio 129. Area of Land 2,640.80 sq metres (28,395.675 sq.ft/0.65), Area of Building 156.34 square metres (1,681.06 sq.ft. approx.). Description and Accommodation: This site presently accommodates a detached split level residence with a detached “shop”. The facilities as follows: Entry Level: The level is reported to consist of four (4) bedrooms, one bathroom, living room and enclosed verandah. Lower level: This level is reported to comprise one bedroom, dining room, kitchen and external concrete wash tubs. Direction; Heading from Moneague, head west to Golden Grove/Claremont, upon reaching Claremont Square turn left at the ‘clock’ onto the Coultart Grove/Rural Retreat roadway, travel approximately 1.5 kilometres pass the Claremont All Age School, the subject is approximately 0.3 kilometres east of the school on the left hand side of the road. The subject is easily identified by a ‘green’ road boundary wall and double metal grill gate with the residence and a “shop fronting on the main road (both “orange” in colour). lisa-campbell

Property Listed with Remax MLS

Lot #66 Windsor & Seaman’s Valley, Portland. Registered at Volume 1070 Folio 314. Lot size 4.27 hectares (10.56 acres). The property is consists of a small incomplete store room and an open sorting area.

Directions: The subject can be reached by travelling from Windsor to Seaman’s Valley. Make the next right after passing Windsor Primary, the property is on the right just after the cemetery.

St. Elizabeth
$2,900,000.00 Vacant Lot #91 Swale Close, Bybrook Park, Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth. Registered at Volume 1353 Folio 884. Land size 534.811 sq. meters (5,756.65 sq.ft). Directions: Travelling into Santa Cruz along the main road from Spur Tree, pass the funeral Parlours on the right and make the 1st right turn onto Orchid Close and immediately turn right onto Glenco Drive which leads into Oak Drive after a left bend. Continue on Oak Drive until it bends right, becoming Brook Avenue and make 1st left unto Swale Close. This vacant lot is at the top of a dead end on the right side and to the left side of a house. lisa-campbell
St. Thomas

Under Offer

Vacant lot Part of Paradise Lane Yallahs, St. Thomas. Registered at Volume 1329 Folio 659. Land Size approximately 1,062.29 square meters (11,434.5 sq. ft). Directions: Travelling eastbound from Yallahs Square toward Morant Bay along the Main Road, make the right turn after the gas station on the edge of the town; follow that road passing a left bend, then make first left onto a narrow road. The lot is adjacent and adjoining the last house on the right. lisa-campbell
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