Four reasons for choosing COK Sodality as your saving and investing partner

    1. Financially sound –, You can be confident that your investment is safe and secure at COK.
    2. Attractive interest rates on savings and investments – We all need more on our investment. COK continues to give members competitive returns on their savings and investments through a diversified suite of products.
    3. Knowledgeable staff – Our trained and experienced staff members can provide appropriate savings/investment options to meet your specific goal.
    4. Accessible –At COK we are accessible to our member through our branch network that are strategically located throughout the Island , Call Centre operations, ABMs (24/7), social media, email at and our online banking facility.
Deposit Rates
C.A.R.E.S 0.40%
Golden Harvest 5.25%
Golden Egg – 500,000 and under with less than 5,000 in Shares 0.40%
Golden Egg – 500,000 and under buy cheap Parallels Desktop 5 with 5,000 in Shares 0.40%
Golden Egg – 500,001 and above with less than 5000 in Shares 0.40%
Golden Egg – 500,001 and above with 5000 in Shares 0.40%
Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2013 (USA Version) best price Savings Products for Minors COK offers two attractive saving instruments for minors. These instruments were developed to encourage savings by, or for and on behalf of, persons aged 1 day to 1 day below 18 years, and to provide a medium for these persons to save. The programmes were uniquely designed and marketed for children from infancy through to High Schools, creating an opportunity at the earlier years to partner with parents and teachers in promoting and encouraging thrift in their children and creating an opportunity for the children to grow in greater independence and fiscal responsibility. These children and teenagers are not considered members, as the adult account holders are classified as deposit holders. The account that is available to these categories of savers is the Share Account. This account earns a quarterly interest, where the rate payable is usually tied to that of the adult Golden Egg Account. A passbook is maintained on this account, which is updated on request. The passbook is not required for a transaction to be carried out on the account.