Founding Members


A credit union is a co-operative financial institution, which is owned and controlled by its members. Arising from the need to have a credit union in Kingston & St. Andrew, on October 26, 1967 the Registrar of Co-operatives, Mr. James Kirlew, gave his blessings for the establishment of City of Kingston Cooperative Credit Union Ltd (COK) along with two shillings and six pence – the required registration fee for incorporating a credit union.

COK continues to honor its founding members who contributed to making a vision becoming a reality.
Let us meet the team who are COK’s founding members.


COK Credit Union Founding Members

Mr.Paul Chavannes (deceased) – Founding Member and the first employee was a CUNA Mutual sales representative to Jamaica and Belize, when he approached members of the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League (JCCUL) and the Registrar of Co-operatives.  His lobbying efforts were successful; the Registrar of Co-operatives, Mr. James Kirlew, gave his blessings along with two shillings and six pence – the required registration fee for incorporating a credit union.
Mr. Albert Morris – Founder, the first President of the Board and currently an Honorary Director. Having made such a monumental, selfless contribution to the COK Sodality family, the Directors agreed that they should create a special place of honour for him on COK Sodality’s Board, where his wealth of knowledge would be available to the organization. The Directors proposed that Albert Morris be appointed an Honorary Director of COK Sodality. The motion was moved by Mr. Joscelyn Jolly, President and seconded by Mr. Christoph in 2009.
Mr. Ken LaCruise – Founding Member and the first treasurer of the Board. Mr. LaCruise worked in the capacity of Financial Controller of COK now COK Sodality for an extended period. A Fellow of the Association of Certified Accountants, he served on the Institute’s Disciplinary Committee, Finance Committee, and also on the Future of the Profession, Building and Taxation Committees.


Mrs. Vinette Foster – Founding Member, Mrs. Vinette Foster became the first female member of the Credit Union in 1967 and was identified as “ account holder #2”. For 13 years, operating from Mr. Paul Chavannes’ office, she provided 2 hours of voluntary accounting service for COK.  Mrs. Foster was also a former member of Credit Committee.
Father Gerard McLaughlin – Founder, Father McLaughlin was an ardent worker who not only formed part of the foundation of the credit union movement in Jamaica but was also the first President and Managing Director of the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League. He served to achieve among other things; the strengthening of the safety and soundness of the credit union movement, increase the branch network available to members as well as to establish services within the convenient reach of more Jamaicans.
Roy Anderson
Mr. Roy Anderson – Founding Member seen as a true educator, for several years, was armed with the responsibility to provide member education. He engaged the minds of the COK Sodality members to understand the complexity and richness of the Credit Union’s co-operative thoughts and philosophies. Justice of the Peace, Roy Anderson who was at the time a civil servant, worked tirelessly to shape the direction of the Credit Union.